How to Build a Marketing System That Attracts, Nurtures & Sells on Autopilot

Join Peter Boolkah with special guest, David Sargant
(Founder; Funnel Leader & Credibility Coach®)

Here's What We'll Cover

  • Discover a proven four-step marketing framework that works for any business and any niche - directly from the author.

  • Learn what a complete marketing system is, why it's so powerful and how to quickly create one for your business.

  • Understand what 99% of your competition is doing wrong and how to quickly capitalise on (and avoid!) their mistakes.

  • Discover proven lead generation tactics and learn how to connect the dots and make it work for your business.

  • Questions & Answers session with Peter & David.

Here's Your Hosts!

Peter Boolkah

With 32 major coaching awards to his name, Peter helps business owners and his peers achieve positive, lasting change in behaviour; for themselves, their people, and their teams.  

David Sargant

Founder of Credibility Coach® and Funnel Leader; David is the author of The 4KAST Formula® and global expert in digital strategy and automated marketing systems.