The Secret to Unlocking High 

Business Growth & Achievement

with Peter Boolkah and Kevin Lawrence
(Author; 'Your Oxygen Mask First')

Join Peter Boolkah (The Transition Guy®) and Kevin Lawrence (Author 'Your Oxygen Mask First)  as they deep-dive on the essential habits every high-achiever must adopt to survive and thrive in business and life.


These are the insights and practical tools used by both Peter and Kevin, honed over a combined 40 years of coaching CEOs and executive teams, around the world.


Bottom line? There is no ‘in-between’ with leadership: it either slowly destroys your life, or it forces you to get stronger.

Don't miss out on your chance to learn, be inspired and ask questions in this unplugged, professional environment.

Here's What We'll Cover

  • How to stop being chief Problem Solver and teach people to meet your standards

  • How to plan to ensure the success you want, for your work, your self and your life

  • How to deal with your emotional junk and manage your mental health - and much more!

Here's Your Hosts!

Peter Boolkah

With 32 major coaching awards to his name, Peter helps business owners and his peers chieve positive, lasting change in behaviour; for themselves, their people, and their teams.  

Kevin Lawrence

Author of the highly regarded book Your Oxygen Mask First, and a key contributor to Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0). Kevin has tested virtually every leadership theory known to humankind!

David Sargant (Mod)

Founder of Credibility Coach® and Funnel Leader, David's 4KAST Framework is Peter's secret weapon!

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